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Zengram-Tree Of Life Pyramid

Zengram-Tree Of Life Pyramid

Zengram-Tree Of Life Pyramid

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Boost Energy and Vitality
Own a perfect piece of the universe!

Zengram is an orgonite pyramid used to attract positive energy into your life. Around its intrinsic beauty, you’ll experience a shift that puts you closer to the universe!

Resembling the nonlinearity of life, Zengram is perfect from every angle! Inside it, you'll find crystals charged with powerful energies that increase the vibrational frequency of the surroundings!

When practicing your spiritual and holistic activities around it, you’ll feel higher effects on your wellbeing. Balance out your chakra with this beautiful cosmic jewel! 



Why Zengram is for you

In synchrony with the universe- Find peace easily when gazing in the intrinsic energy field stored inside the core of the pyramid!

Transcending beauty- Full of depth, colors and polarizing energy, Zengram adds to the wellness of your environment!

Heal your soul- Rid your body of negative energies that separate you from the whole to ascend from your mundane problems!

Zengram is the ultimate choice- Practice your spiritual activities with a pyramid that can sync your chakra with the universe!

***Orgonite is made from several kinds of gemstones. Some of them won’t have the information of gemstones used to make. Almost all of them are special Orgonite gemstones which is made in good balance that only the creator knows. It will be good to choose just from its appearance or your instincts. You can choose Orgonite that you instinctively need by picking one in short time (from Gemstone Dictionary)



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