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Mangrove Natural Dye - Box Sling

Mangrove Natural Dye - Box Sling

Mangrove Natural Dye - Box Sling

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Sustainable fashion, fun design, always ready to go. With 4 inner pockets for ease of use and is suitable to carry the small ZenTone Drum.

Mangrove tannin dye presents the most natural feelings, when it comes to designing our pieces, we prefer to go back to the very basic of form and function.

Material: Mangrove Natural Dye + 100% cotton canvas + 100% cotton 

Size: 15cm (W) x 14cm (D)  20cm (H)

How to take care
- gentle hand-wash is recommended
- use only mild detergent
- dry under shade

Every year, fabric dyeing releases 200,000 tons of toxic into our environment, thank you for supporting Natural Dye.

Every piece is dyed individually with mangrove natural dye, therefor every piece is unique, no 2 pieces are totally alike. Measurements will differ by a little bit because each one is handmade.

Designer: Jo W

Dye master: Beng Lim

Tailored by: Mdm Lim

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