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ZenTone™ Incense Burner

ZenTone™ Incense Burner

ZenTone™ Incense Burner

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Are you constantly feeling tired from looming work deadline, or psychological, such as persistent worry about losing a job or even from taking care of your home? 

How about experiencing never-ending fatigue from accumulated days due to insufficient decent sleep or proper rest?

How lovely would it be to be home with fresh and lightly scented air that could lift your mood instantly being away from all the bad pollutants that you've breathe from outside all day.  

Step in our ZenTone Incense Burners. Proven to bring overclocking mind that can't seem to stop working or even tired body to a state of relaxation, allowing your mental and physical state to be in total calmness

Perfectly paired with our in-house seeds, it produces not only a relaxing mood but also a nicely scented home which clears and freshens up your mind. It also clears all stubborn odors in the home.

Let us introduce you to one of the best sellers this year, featured in multiple magazines and highly endorsed by celebrities and highly rated by current users.

Meditating Monk

Monks are recognized by the world as a symbol of Peace and Acceptance, exceling in tranquility and equanimity. Having this at home serves as a reminder that all are equal and there is nothing that can't be overcome as long as peace transcends the mind, body and soul. 

Comes in 4 unique colors and recommended to have it in a pair.

Eternal Dragon

The sheer size of the Eternal Dragon shows abundance in authority and is an upgrade to the Ancient Dragon. Likewise it is an auspicious symbol of Power, Strength and Good Luck. Meticulously crafted to the finest details. The overflowing of haze through the dragon in all directions symbolizes abundance of health and wealth to the owner and its family. This highly sought after piece has been a wishlist of every household.



Incense Waterfall 

The relaxing waterfall ambience is the perfect burner to be placed at home for those who are exposed to sensory overload, sleeping difficulty or experiencing insomnia and spending a lot of time staring into mobile phone and computer screens.

The Grand Waterfall brings about relaxing mood allowing unwanted energy to dissipate. Reducing anxiety and worry in the meantime. Light up any time of the day to immerse yourself in the scent and mesmerizing cascade effect of haze flowing through.

The ZenTone Incense Burners 

  • Lifts your mood instantly  
  • Freshens up the Air Quality 
  • Clears your mind and better breathing 
  • Improve Quality of Sleep    
  • Reducing stress and anxiety  
  • Improved digestive functions  
  • Strengthen the Immune System  
  • Reducing and removing minor illness such as headaches and discomfort  
  • Inducing calmness and relaxing your mind and body  
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