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ZenTone Galaxy Glass Pendant

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This sculpts small spheres that appear to contain entire solar systems and galaxies. Planets made of opals, flecks of real gold, and trails of colored glass seem to spin and loop like twists in the Milky Way. While photographed here in a macro view, the pieces are actually quite small and include a small loop so each piece can be turned into a pendant. I can’t help but be reminded of this pivotal scene from the acclaimed Men in Black film.

Hold a tiny universe in the palm of your hand. You will spend hours staring into this piece. Hold it up to the light and move it gently back and forth. Each ray of light ignites a new little facet. A tiny solar system or the branch of a spiral galaxy. These pieces of lampwork have to be seen in person. Perfect for carrying a planet as a necklace piece.

To complement the blue background inside the pendant, this pendant is encased in a dark blue glass.

It is securely packaged in a white gift box, to ensure safe travel. Ready to be given as a gift.

This is a piece of jewelry that can be worn for any occasion and is sure to wow as a gift.

Diameter: 2 —2.3CM





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