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The ZenTone Acupressure Massage Mat

The ZenTone Acupressure Massage Mat

The ZenTone Acupressure Massage Mat

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Relax your body and ease your mind, in the comfort of your own home!


The ZenTone Mat unlocks the benefits of acupressure to relax your body and ease your mind, in the comfort of your own home.

How can it benefit me?

The ZenTone Mat works in just 20 minutes. Spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles to support:

- Deep, restful sleep
- Healthy circulation
- Relaxation of tense muscles
- Soothing of headaches
- Relief from stress
- Relaxed body and mind
- General vitality

How to Use Your ZenTone Mat

The most popular ways to use The ZenTone Mat is on the neck, shoulders, back and feet, however your entire body can benefit. Simply let the mat apply pressure to your body to experience a deep warming sensation, easing the muscles, relaxing the body and supporting natural restoration.



Duration 20+ Minutes

Lying on your back is the most popular way to use The ZenTone Mat. You can place your mat on any surface - but the most common is on a bed. Soft surfaces make contact between your mat and the lower back easier to achieve. Using The Shakti Mat as part of your bedtime routine supports the release of muscle tension, and prepares the body for a deep restful sleep.

The Shakti Mat is 10cm longer than other acupressure mats, allowing for full back and neck application.

Neck & Shoulders

Duration 10+ Minutes

Most people tend to carry their physical stress and tension in the back, neck and shoulders area - this position can be particularly useful to support relief. Use The ZenTone Pillow, or roll up your ZenTone Mat to target these areas. Applying the mat to the neck and shoulders soothes tired and tense muscles as a result of poor posture, exercise, and everyday stress.

The ZenTone Mat has clipped discs, allowing the spikes to move and mold perfectly to the curve of your neck.


Duration 5+ Minutes

Feet are covered in pressure points making standing on The ZenTone Mat a perfect way to achieve a deep acupressure effect. Try standing on your mat or footpad first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Both support healthy circulation, tension release in tired feet, and can provide an energizing start to the day. Start off in socks, and slowly build up to bare feet.

The ZenTone Mat uses first-class ABS plastic, allowing the spikes to remain sharp and effective, no matter how many times you stand on your mat.


Duration 10+ Minutes

Exercise and work can lead to tension in the calf hamstrings or quad areas. Placing The ZenTone Mat against these areas can support healthy circulation, soothe muscles, and provide targeted relief. This position can be especially effective for people who lead an active lifestyle and want to restore problem areas.

The ZenTone Mat comes in 3 levels to provide the perfect intensity of acupressure for your needs.


Duration 5+ Minutes

If you're someone who experiences discomfort in the belly region, The ZenTone Mat may be the perfect tool to soothe discomfort. Apply The ZenTone Mat to your belly simply by lying face down on the floor or bed. This will warm and relax the muscles and provide targeted relief.

Pillow cases are the perfect size to fit a ZenTone Mat. Slide a pillow case over your mat when experimenting with new areas to reduce the intensity of the effect.

Tips for your first ZenTone Mat

  • These are just some of the most popular ways to use The ZenTone Mat, but there really are no limits. Simply pick a tense area you want to target, and go.
  • The first time on a new area will often feel sensitive, but over time your body will adjust to the sensation.
  • Some areas you may find will only need a few minutes of application. While others, like your back, may need more time.
  • Often the areas that hurt the most, need it the most, as this can be a reflection of tension stored in the area.
  • When you're starting out on a new area you can adjust the intensity by limiting or adding body weight onto the mat. The first time trying on your feet, for example, try sitting on the edge of a couch to limit the pressure that is being applied.
  • Aim to use your ZenTone Mat with bare skin, but you can always start out with thin clothing between your skin and the mat while your body adjusts.


Will it work for me?

If The ZenTone Mat doesn’t help your body unwind, just return it, we offer a 60-day return policy. If you’d like to hear from other people like you who have experienced the benefits of acupressure, read their comments on our reviews page.

Adopt The ZenTone Mat as a self-care habit for a positive influence on overall quality of living. Welcome to your world of relaxation.


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